Keeping your home safe while enjoying your vacation.

Summer is the season to stop and take a break and spend some time away from home. Don’t let the worry of the safety of your home ruin your well-deserved vacation. These are some tips to help you worry less and be able to enjoy your time off.

  1. Double-check that your windows, doors and pet doors are locked. It seems simple, but it’s always the simple tasks that get forgotten.
  2. If you ever start to worry that you forgot to turn something off, even though you most likely didn’t, take a picture of it before you go. Then you know for sure that you didn’t leave on the stove and can come back to it if your worry pops back up.
  3. Leave a car in the driveway but make sure you remove your valuables and garage door openers.
  4. Tell a trusted neighbor. We never mind keeping an eye out on our neighbor’s home, and I’m grateful for my neighbors who do the same thing when we are gone.
  5. Pick up the yard before you leave. Store toys, tools, and anything easy to grab in a locked garage or storage shed. If you’re gone for a long time, hiring some yard maintenance while you’re gone will make coming back easier! Nobody wants to clean and trim the lawn the day they come back!
  6. Don’t announce on social media that you’ll be out of town. Even though your profile settings can be set to private, info can be shared quickly.
  7. Pause your mail service. It’s easy, and you can do it online at USPS.
  8. Unplug electronics that don’t need to be on during your vacation. Save some money and energy on things that are not essential.
  9. Hire a house-sitter or pet-sitter to watch over your home while you’re away. A little piece of mind goes a long way.
  10. Sync your smart home electronics to be able to monitor your home from anywhere. I love being able to turn on my Nest Thermostat to run the AC or heat when were heading home from vacation!

Now it’s time to rest, relax, kick back and enjoy your vacation!

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